Our Digital Marketing Services in India


Nova Technology is a dynamic and versatile Digital Marketing Agency in Patna. Nova Technology has experienced and dedicated personals to provide you 360 degree marketing.

We work with you to make a customized marketing strategy for you and help you to take your company to the next level.

We dont work just as a marketing agency but work as your partner and understand you company goal and target audience. Nova Technology helps you to create a brand rather than just a company.

We don’t believ in just acquiring new customers but we believe in creating long-term relationship with our dynami and result oriented services.

Digital Marketing Services in India

Website Designing & Development

Website Designing & Development

Website is the Identity of any business and it develops trust for any company irrespective of the size of business. An eye-catching and responsive website helps your brand to stay at top of the mind of your clients. A responsive website force your customers to stay at your website & understand your business.

e-commerce website

e-commerce website

E-commerce is a process of buying and selling goods and services online via the internet and an e-commerce website is a website which allows you to buy or sell your tangible goods, Products and services online. In the time of digitization, e-commerce business is fastest growing business in the market

e-commerce marketing

e-commerce marketing

E-Commerce industry is the fastest growing industry in India today. E- Commerce Marketing is the method of increasing your sales by creating and increasing visibilty and awareness of your products through online stores. It is growing day by day with increasing number of internet users in India every day.

Search Engine Optimization


Every Businesses need to be visible on the first page of Search Engine Organically. Search Engine optimization is the tool which helps your businesses to rank on the first page of google without running any Paid Ads. It helps to increase traffic on your website organically and ultimately increase your business

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing is the use of social media platform to promote your products and services. Social Media Marketing include FaceBook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube. These platforms plays vital role in promotion and marketing. Social Media Platform is the cheapest and fastest platform.

Google Ads


Google Ads is also popularly known as Pay Per Clicks(PPC) that generate genuine and quality leads and maximize your revenue through Google Ads Services. Our focus is to increase ROI and our expert team members are trained and experienced enough to make it possible to optimize your income and revenue.

FaceBook Ads Management

facebook ads management

FaceBook is the largest Social Media Platform. It is the fastest & the cheapest form of advertisement and it drives immediate results. You can reach maximum number of clients in a single day. It also helps in your brand creation and increases traffic to your website.

Logo and Graphic Designing

logo and graphic designing

Graphic and Logo of your company is important to boost your marketing efforts. A logo is very helpful in creating your brands as well and graphics gives values to your website. A good logo allows your customers to recognize your business & offers.

Content Management

content marketing

Content is the medium of communication. It is the major form of conveying your message or information of your company, product or services to your reader. Content is gives the first impression of your company to your valuable clients.

e-mail marketing

Email marketing is the process of sending commercial messages, specially to a group of people, through e-mail. Email marketing strategies helps in building loyalty, trust and brand awareness. Email marketing has evolved rapidly alongside the technological growth of the 21st century.



Branding is a marketing practice of actively creating your brand in the market place. It is the process of inculcating you company name in the mind of your clients. Branding is very important to attract and retain your loyal customers. Brand is the perceived image of the products and services you offered.

digital visiting card

Digital Visiting Card (also known as virtual visiting card) is an online means of sharing your contact information to your clients. Your clients can have easy access your Digital Visiting Card when you shared it on their smart phone anytime and anywhere. It is also inexpensive than traditional paper visiting card.